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What are our responsibilities as Global Development Professionals?

We are responsible to think long-term, not in quick fixes only, but in what will make the difference for long-term positive results.                                     


We need to ask ourselves what are the systemic changes that need to occur in order for individuals and communities to care for children to ensure they grow and prosper - that is our responsibilities as Global Development Professionals.


children in kenya

Is it only providing nutritious foods for today and tomorrow that will make the difference, or is it supporting the establishment of livelihood activities that bring the income needed so the families can buy a diversified food basket?


Is it importing truckloads of diversified foods through donations to local markets, thereby creating access to food, or it is constructing physical market spaces and then linking regional markets to ensure the trade continues to flow into the future?


Global Development professionals make choices daily how to invest funding.  A % goes to emergencies, and the rest needs to focus on long-term systemic change.  Let’s hold ourselves accountable for the children globally.


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