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How does Global Development disrupt poverty and empower vulnerable children?

According to UNICEF, children’s rights globally are in danger in 2024, and beyond, as there are continued and growing uncertainties worldwide with armed conflicts and climate change. 


It is up to us as a Global Development community to support children in regaining their human rights to education, clean water, food security, housing and safety to name but a few.  What we know today, thanks to research from UNICEF is the following:


  • 240M children are living with disabilities in the world, of which 50% are not in school, and they are hidden by their families and not supported by local governments

  • More children than ever before are displaced due to armed conflicts, food insecurity, water scarcity and other threats to their health, safety and well-being

  • Child Marriage and child labor continue at an alarming rate in crisis settings where families turn to desperate measures to survive


children in school in northern Kenya

Poverty brings crisis and poverty has to be disrupted to allow vulnerable children and their families to become empowered. 

In my experience, seeking out the root causes of poverty and identifying local, innovative, and sustainable solutions will break the cycle of poverty.  This is why investments in global development need to focus on systems that are not working properly, systems that are not inclusive of vulnerable children and their daily support. 


Seek out how to change or disrupt a system that creates poverty.  Bring jobs to families, bring education to communities, bring healthcare that is accessible and affordable.  It is not charity that creates this, it is building wealth in communities, it is creating opportunities where they do not exist, it is changing how a local system functions by identifying gaps and filling them. 


The end goal is an INCLUSIVE system where vulnerable children and their families are inside the system not left outside without access to resources.


What can your Global Development organization do to help children regain their rights in 2024 and beyond? 

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