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Gretchen Villegas

Gretchen Villegas

Global Development Executive




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Empowerment, not Charity

My mission is to facilitate access to resources and create an environment where people can own their own futures.

Systems Disruptor

I seek out ways to make systems work and am not afraid to challenge the status quo.

Private Sector Integrator

I align the private sector interests to impact goals for the most vulnerable communities to ensure future sustainability.  

Staff Empowerer

I invest in my team and staff members by creating a culture of learning and development so they too can grow.

Adaptive Manager

I am flexible and willing to change course as needed, learning from mistakes and using them as opportunities to improve.


Failure Believer

I do not see failure as a setback, but as an opportunity to learn and grow, focusing on the lessons learned and moving forward. In the world of global development, I can use data from my work to ensure that I am making a positive difference and not setting others back.

Aware Listener

I am mindful of my surroundings and the people I am working with, and I listen to those who know their environment and culture. I am there to guide them through solutions, not dictate them.

Effective Storyteller

I am able to articulate my vision and strategy in a clear and compelling way, sharing stories of impact to inspire others and build support for my work.

Needle Mover

I am ambitious and driven to make a difference, and not afraid to tackle big challenges.

Data-Driven Decision Maker

I use data and evidence to make informed decisions about my work, tracking progress and measuring impact.

Strategic Planner

I develop and implement strategic plans that are backed by evidence, guiding my work and ensuring that I am on track to achieve my goals.

Responsible Steward

I am a responsible steward of the resources entrusted to me, managing finances wisely and using them to make the biggest impact possible.

Accountable Advocate

I am accountable to the organization I work for, my staff, and the people I am trying to help. I am willing to stand up for what is right and defend those who cannot defend themselves.


Child and Youth Advocate

I am aware of the detrimental effects to children and youth due to conflicts, displacement, poverty, abuse, climate, and food insecurity.  I build in child and youth rights to programming to ensure their future success.

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