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Social Impact

I have 25+ years of expertise in innovative strategies to achieve social impact for global vulnerable communities in emerging markets.  I accomplish this through partnership engagement between global corporations, non-profit organizations, and government entities.  I believe sustainable social impact comes from the intersection of all three actors coming together to leverage skills and investments toward positive social change.  I utilize a proven methodology to develop a financial model that projects both impact growth and alignment to an external donor’s objectives.  The financial model is linked to specific milestone metrics within a determined timeframe for the following thematic areas:

Economic Growth
Nutrition-sensitive Agriculture
Quality Education
Affordable Clean Energy
Responsible Production
Regenerative Agriculture
Good Health and Well-being
Strong Institutions
Food Security
Climate Action
Clean Water and Sanitation
Gender Equality
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Key Principles for Successful Global Social Impact:

At the intersection of social purpose and values alignment is where global corporations, non-profit organizations, and government entities together sustainably solve global challenges.  If one is missing, the social impact will not reach long-term sustainability. 

Global Corporations

Creates substantial wealth in emerging markets for vulnerable communities and at the same time increases their own revenue as a win-win strategy.

Global Non-Profit Organizations

Offers specialized knowledge transfer, training and seed capital for micro, small and medium enterprises to allow the vulnerable populations to participate inside a commodity or service system.

Government Entities

Supports social impact by creating policies and legislation to support healthy growth of global corporations and vulnerable communities in emerging markets. 

Working in collaboration across Global Corporations, Global Non-profits, and Government Entities is a winning strategy to change the ecosystem of an emerging market.  This strategy intentionally fills the gaps of a system to allow the vulnerable to succeed.

Interested in learning more about how I can support healthy partnerships aligned to sustainable social impact as a winning strategy?

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