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How will children’s rights be impacted in the Global Developing World in 2024 and beyond?

Updated: Apr 1

According to UNICEF’s latest report “The 2024 Global Outlook Prospects for Children: Cooperation in a Fragmented World,” the best outcomes for children's health, education and overall well-being result from a path of global synergy, which is defined by high levels of cooperation, availability of resources and technological advancement.

It is up to us to create synergies and promote cooperation. This includes both the non-profit and for-profit sectors working together to ensure the availability of appropriate resources and technological advancements to protect children’s rights and well-being.  There are trends we need to be aware of and play a positive role in our industries to mitigate negative effects for children and youth:

child in Guatemala

  • Digital protections for children

  • Conflicts that displace children

  • Economic Fragmentation and Inequities globally

  • Weakness in Global Governance Structures and Enforcement

  • Threatened Global Democracies

  • Fast-tracking to the Green Economy

  • Water Scarcity


During my time working with global child-centered programming in Latin America and Africa, I witnessed children’s trauma from abandonment, the lack of feeling safe due to displacement, and families struggling to care for children due to lack of livelihoods or income.  Through global synergies and cooperation between countries and the for-profit and non-profit sectors globally, we need to focus efforts on regaining children’s rights.


What can your Global Development organization do to help children regain their rights in 2024 and beyond? 

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