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Global Development Executive

I am a global development executive with a passion for transformation - disrupting poverty and empowering vulnerable populations. I began my career as a Peace Corps volunteer, where I experienced firsthand the challenges of living in poverty without access to basic resources or education. This experience inspired me to work with global development organizations partnering with local communities to identify innovative and creative programming that can break generational cycles of poverty.
I am a collaborative leader, skilled facilitator, and team builder, and I have a proven track record of bringing together a variety of stakeholders, including the private sector, to achieve common goals. I am driven by data and analytics, and I believe that evidence-based programming is essential for effective and sustainable development in the long-term. 

My superpower is identifying the gaps in systems that prevent vulnerable populations from becoming empowered and filling those gaps with innovative solutions. I believe that every country and community has unique challenges and that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to development. I have witnessed first-hand how the power of public-private partnerships makes true change possible. I am committed to actively listening to local communities and empowering them to create the change they need.

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Gretchen Villegas & Group

My Skills & Experience

  • Global development program design and implementation

  • Child and Youth Programming 

  • Stakeholder engagement and collaboration

  • Leverage the private sector for optimum impact

  • Data-driven decision making

  • Monitoring, Evaluation, Research, and Learning

  • Capacity building and training

  • Systems thinking

My Impact

  • Inclusive systems 

  • Increased access to education, nutrition and healthcare

  • Improved economic opportunities

  • Reduced poverty and inequality

  • Enhanced community resilience

  • Food security

  • Disaster relief


"I had an opportunity to be supervised by Gretchen while at NCBA CLUSA International. Her outstanding leadership skills and ability to inspire others and guide organizations and teams towards excellence was visible. Gretchen taught me to believe in my ability and mentored me as a young professional to become an excellent team player as I learnt the I can-do attitude and paying attention to details from her.


Gretchen has a superb communication skills which enables her to engage naturally with both field teams and project partners. She also posses a strategic data driven mindset and always looks to grow an organization. I still recall her outstanding leadership at CLUSA International Uganda Office that led to the acquisition of a 5year, Master Card Foundation, $11.3 million grant that facilitated sustainable economic opportunities and commercial enterprises for more than 26,000 at-risk youth in northern Uganda in 2015."

Kiiza Kizito - Uganda



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