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What sets up a Global Development program design to successfully scale?

This has been a key question for most international non-governmental organizations in past years. 

The key to being successful has been ensuring the ingredients for Scale and Growth are present for any program to ensure the return on investment can be multiplied over time.

As I have worked with teams over the past 25+ years, I have learned that there are key concepts that must be addressed in an original global development program design to ensure a multiplier effect. Ask yourself:


  • Can the program design model be replicated?

  • Can the program reach additional participants than those referenced in the current proposal?

  • Are there stakeholders who are not currently part of the design who could benefit?

  • Does the private sector have a potential benefit if the company invests in growing the program reach?

  • Do other donors have the same objectives as this current program design?

How to scale a global program design

The worldwide need is so great currently, that global development program designs need to build up over time to ensure additional participants can benefit.  If a program design has to be changed and started over, instead of building on a current design that we have already learned from, then the time it takes to bring relief to those in need takes that much longer and costs significantly more.


What can your global development organization do to build on current programming, support more participants, and reduce time and costs over time? 

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