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What is the goal of a Global Development Team?

The goal of a Global Development Team is to create Impact.  To change people’s lives and the environment for good. 


However, what do we need to make that happen?                                             


·       Clearly defined impact strategy, approach, and a plan.

·       Partnerships for innovations and thought leadership.

·       Diversified revenue plan to pay for the costs of plan execution.  

·       Implementation team.

impact is the goal

·       Monitoring and reporting team.

·       Compliance and budget oversight. 

·       Donors! Investors!


Global Development organizations raise funds by writing proposals for grant dollars in order to implement activities which leads to impact and/or bids on contracts to conduct work for impact which then gets paid for by the buyer.


I would suggest that this may in fact be more complex than some business models that are currently being used today, especially considering that institutions, foundations, and multi-lateral donors have compliance standards that need to be met.


What else comes to mind as you think of international aid work by Global Development teams focused on impact through the vehicle of funding?


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