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How do Global Development Professionals ensure Sustainable Programs?

Global Development professionals ensure sustainable programs through using evidence-based research for deciding the right program interventions to tackle a challenge along with frequent data to drive forward learning and adaptation for optimum impacts. 

What are some of the ways we do this?


·       Partner with those organizations leading the evidence-based research in the specific areas of focus to gather as much information as possible; for example, universities, research institutions, world bank, foundations, united nations; those that have the most recent information that is validated.

·       Seek out any reports of programs in the geographic areas where you intend to implement to learn any lessons in your programmatic area or others that may have synergies and if possible, reach out to those implementing.

evidence-based and data-driven

·       Travel to the area where you intend to implement and speak to potential stakeholders, partners and participants and ask questions about the activities and outcomes to understand how the activities will be received and at the same time ask for any recent studies completed by any consultants, government, or any other partners who are willing to share.

·       Once you win and launch the program, immediately set up a monitoring plan to have data so that you can set up a learning plan; you want to manage a Data-driven program so that you have information you can use to scale and pivot appropriately for optimum impact.


Have you used other strategies to ensure sustainable programming? 



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