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What is the role of women in a local, rural community?

In the case of Nepal, women take care of the rural community.  You will see women of all ages:

  • Caring for children, animals, and housing

  • Working the land and ensuring meals are prepared

  • Managing micro businesses to earn money for school uniforms, medicine, transport or other basic needs

woman in nepali village

Older women mentor and support younger women with the cultural norms and knowing how to care for the household and the community.  The elder women are wise and are respected very much by the younger generations. 


The woman in this photo took her time to explain to me that I was visiting her village, and her people.  She wanted me to know that she worked the land long hours, and now her daughters took her place while she looked after her grandchildren.  And she asked me to take her photo so I would remember her. 


The roles of women change depending on the culture, age, beliefs, and living conditions.  However, the universal truth is that women always keep the torch burning bright for the communities. 


This women in Nepal, I will never forget.  She was #bold, she was #strong, and she was #inspirational


Where have you seen the strength of women in rural, local communities? 

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