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How does Global Development focus investments on women?

Development projects many times focus investments on women as the head of household because she reinvests in her family and community.


In the case of Malawi, women were gifted pregnant dairy cows imported from South Africa as part of a public-private partnership.  The South African cows were bred specifically to produce more liters of milk daily with the right animal husbandry.  As a result, the women heads of household were able to do the following:

women in Malawi caring for dairy cows


  • Care for the cows at home in a coral using a zero grazing technique which allowed them to do household chores and be present for their children

  • Earn a year-long dignified income as a result of good animal husbandry including proper nutrition and veterinary care

  • Send their children, girls included, to school with proper uniforms and prepared lunches

When global development opportunities focus on women entrepreneurs, they give back to their families and provide good examples to their communities.  Women nurture and protect, and that is exactly how they use the additional funds they earned in Malawi.


Do your organization’s Global Development activities focus on women head of household, providing assistant directly to women?

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