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How to ensure financial success for globally focused non-profits?

The most prevalent challenge that is raised continually is INCOME.                


·       How do we generate enough income for all programs?

·       How do we plan projections for growth?

·       How do we invest the funds we do have to generate more?


Elevate your non-profit brand

These questions are on the minds of all globally focused non-profit executives, board members, philanthropy and new business staff. 


The key to financial success is Brand Recognition and Diversification. 


I learned early on that even non-profits need a reputable and known brand.  You must invest in your brand to ensure that donors can resonate with what the non-profit is trying to achieve.  Once the brand is known, you can then strategically diversify into unrestricted and restricted funds.  Not enough non-profits are leveraging the unrestricted resources to bring in restricted project funds to further their mission.  For every 1 US$ you should be leveraging at least 2 US$ of restricted funds if you do it right!


How does your organization leverage funds to grow a global non-profit?  If you are not today, you should be!

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