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How do rural communities ensure children receive an education?

Updated: Jan 23

In the rural north of Kenya, the community has ensured that the children receive an education.  The community donates to ensure the school is funded:

·       The government provides public school teachers

·       The parents volunteer their time

·       International NGOs offer assistance with supplies

The real struggle is with the infrastructure which needs to be renovated.  However, within all the struggles, the local community leadership has maintained their commitment to ensure the children have an education. 

children in rural village in Kenya in school and recieve an education

As the school master said to me when I visited “Children have a right to Education, and we need to ensure they receive it.” And the children shared that “we are lucky to have a school to attend, I know other children who do not go to school because they have to work.”

Do you have examples of how community takes care of children?


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