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How can Global Development activities engage youth and children to become productive leaders?

Updated: Dec 30, 2023

Peace Corps youth in Suriname

It takes reaching out and spending time with girls and engaging youth to become leaders.


When I was a Peace Corps Volunteer, based in a village of 600 women, children and families along the amazon river, I was blessed with the opportunity to spend significant time with the village youth.  I learned early on, that the young girls enjoyed making items with yarn – thus the crochet project began.  The sessions were to produce tangible items, but so much more actually happened when we met. 


  • Increased confidence for girls due to being able to make something beautiful on her own

  • Village communication flourished with joint activities and youth support groups

  • Selling the crochet items in town brought funds for youth activities to learn new skills.


When you simply take the time to listen to what girls and youth like to do, offer opportunities, and then act, there are so many positive outcomes. 


Is your Global Development organization prioritizing time with girls and youth?

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