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Does Global Development support really make a difference?

mother & her children sitting next to their home
Rwanda: mother & her children sitting next to their home

The short answer is – it depends.

In the case of this family living in rural Rwanda, global development funds has made a significant difference. This family increased their income by 100% in just one year through

  • accessing credit for a micro-loan from a local lender to buy 2 dairy producing cows

  • training in animal husbandry, dairy production and farming as a business

  • joining a Rwandan dairy cooperative to have a secure market paying a fair price

When the global development support enhances knowledge and wealth for vulnerable women, children, youth, and families through activities that are not dependent on continued donor funds into the future, then the outcome makes a significant difference into the future.

Are your organization’s global development activities making a long-term difference?

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