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How do Global Development professionals know what communities need?

Kenya, a Childcare Community Director
Kenya, a Childcare Community Director

The only way to know is to listen and learn.

In the case of this childcare community, the Director understands well the needs of the children and what support will ensure the children grow and prosper.

  • Physically visit the location you are supporting to ensure you understand the context

  • Ask those who are in the communities to share their goals and dreams

  • Develop solutions to challenges together – placing ownership on the community leadership

When local leadership participates in decision-making of how resources will be utilized, the possibility of success increases greatly. People deserve to own their own future, and global development professionals simply facilitate the resources to help make dreams come true.

How are you ensuring you know what communities really need?

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Stu Mackenzie
Stu Mackenzie
Feb 12

I love the part about asking local individuals what their hopes and dreams are Gretchen. This is something I was completely overlooking with our new school project in Kasese, Uganda. I was so focused on providing them a "good education" that I overlooked how important it is to align that education with the dreams of our students. Keep up the great work! - Stu Mackenzie Angus


Amenye Banda
Amenye Banda
Nov 22, 2023

This is great

Dec 12, 2023
Replying to

Thank you, Amenye, for reading the blog post. I appreciate all that you do to make Malawi a great place for all vulnerable Malawians.

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