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How do you lead a multicultural, multidisciplinary team as a Global Development leader?

You need to build a skillset in Intercultural Competency which is at the intersection of Technical, Social, Strategic, and Personal competencies. 

In my case, I have always focused on communication to encourage the development of this intercultural competency among my multi-cultural, multi-disciplinary teams as a Global Development Leader.   

The difficulties multiply when differences in culture or language are present in the global development field. Therefore, it becomes even more essential to apply the golden rules of communication:

Intercultural Competency Diagram

  • Communicate with a positive attitude

  • Be clear about who you are addressing

  • Do not assume you understand or someone understands you

  • Be descriptive

  • Avoid making value judgments

  • Rephrase what you heard

  • Give examples

  • Speak only for yourself

When Global Development leaders approach a multicultural team with the golden rules of communication, the success rate is much higher. All voices are heard, all innovative ideas are included, and the team cohesion is strong to ensure execution.


How do you lead multi-cultural, multi-disciplinary teams in your daily work?

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