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How do Public-Private Partnerships support Global Development efforts?

In the case of Uganda, the international non-governmental organization (INGO) implementing the USDA-funded Conservation Farming Initiative, brought together smallholder farmers, the local government departments, and a for-profit oil processing company.  Together, the government, private sector and INGO implementing with USG funds, combined efforts and funds.   The reasons were various:

Gretchen Villegas, NCBA-CLUSA International Chief of Party making a speech with the Government of Uganda in regard to the USDA funded Conservation Farming Initiative


  • Smallholder farmers needed a secure market to sell their oilseed crops

  • The private sector oil seed processor needed high quality volumes of oilseed crops

  • The INGO was tasked with supporting 60,000 smallholder farmers in finding a sustainable solution to reach a dignified income using conservation farming techniques


The combination of efforts was a win-win-win for all involved.  The private sector company provided extension training to the farmers and loans to buy good quality seeds, the farmers agreed to sign a contract to sell their production to the private sector company and the INGO provided support in ensuring the oilseed could flow from raw production to the final client without gaps in the system.


What do you think of this example of a successful Public-Private Partnerships cultivated by an INGO for collaboration and sustainability purposes? 


This post is a Tribute to the many team members of NCBA-CLUSA International who lost their lives in a bus accident. They were my true heroes and the reason the project was so successful.  They worked long hours and learned new skills just to ensure the smallholder farmers would have a dignified income and we could stretch the USG dollars as far as they would go.  I remember the Team members who lost their lives often! 

I’ll NEVER forget their dedication to their country.

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